Swim 102/103 Video

Swim 102/103 Video

How to Teach Beginners to Swim. Ages 6 to 12.

Item #: SWIM-102
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Swim 102/103, Online Video PLUS Exam and Swim Instructor Certification
Watch the Swim 201 video online (up to 5 views) then successfully complete this online test and you will immediately receive a Certificate of Completion signed by Swim Lessons University president Jim Reiser and WABC president Steve Graves.
Price: $35.00
Swim 102/103, DVD
Order the 1st Edition of the Swim 102/103 DVD today and save 40% while they last. As of Dec. 4, 2017, there are just 7 video left in stock.
Price: $40.00

Product Description

"60 minutes of video loaded with invaluable information, techniques, and strategies! Not only will you get an inside look on how to be more effective when teaching beginners -- you will learn how to teach in a more practical manner, and your lessons will be dynamic and engaging!"

In this brand new video, you will witness "The Swim Professor" teaching three 6 year olds of three different ethnic backgrounds (an African American girl, a Caucasian girl, and an Asian boy) whom all are actual Swim 102 students.

You will learn how we teach:
  • Freestyle kick
  • Breath Holding
  • Breath Control
  • Back kick
  • In-line kick
  • Paddle Stroke
  • Freestyle (w/o Side Breathing)

Plus, you will learn the progressions, drills, and teaching strategies and witness them really working throughout this fantastic instructional video!

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