Back Acclimation Kit - Set of Two

Back Acclimation Kit - Set of Two

You will absolutely love Swim Lessons University’s brand new Back Acclimation Kit. It’s the perfect teaching tool for getting your toddlers and young children comfortable on their back.
Set of Two

Item #: back-acclimation-kit
Price: $25.99

Product Description

Watch the video below to see first-hand how our custom-made, waterproof decals help make being on the back more fun! In fact, you will find that your toddlers will be so mesmerized by the cute images that they will completely forget about being on their backs!

Order your kit today! Your students will absolutely love them!

*Kickboard not included. We now provide 8-16 decals completely waterproof decals that stick most any kickboards, depending on if you purchase a set of two or four. I personally like to use a smaller kickboard like the Sporti Junior Kickboard from

"Really great for the kids who are apprehensive being on their backs! Another excellent tool from Swim Lessons University!"
Judy Lemke
West Sacramento, California

Sample Video

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