Butterfly 301/302/303 Video

Butterfly 301/302/303 Video

What’s the best way to teach butterfly to young children?

Item #: BUTTERFLY-301
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Butterfly 301/302/303, DVD
Order the Butterfly 301 DVD today for your video library. You can order the online test separately (under Instructor Tools)for just $10.00 and you will immediately receive a Certificate of Completion signed by Swim Lessons University president Jim Reiser and WABC president Steve Graves.
Price: $50.00
Butterfly 301/302/303, Online Video
What’s the best way to teach butterfly to young children? Watch the Butterfly 301/302/303 video online (up to 5 views)
Price: $35.00

Product Description

In “Butterfly 301,” The Swim Professor will share with you his newest “tricks” to that make the butterfly “click” when working with young children.

Says Jim Reiser: “From 1982 until 2008, I taught butterfly almost the same way . . . and of course I “thought” it was the best way. But this past summer as I was teaching butterfly to a class of 5-year olds--I came to the conclusion that there was a better way! I had to do better and after going back to the drawing board--I believe I did!”

When you purchase “Butterfly 301,” you will own a video loaded with secrets to teaching butterfly that you've never heard before! Not only will you learn a more effective, developmentally sound way to teach it--you will learn how to teach butterfly in a practical, yet engaging manner.

Don’t let your swim school miss out on this great opportunity. It’s like bringing a conference talk to your school for just $35.00 and eliminating the travel and lodging costs! Plus--you can use it over and over again!

“The Swim Lessons University CD's are extremely well done and professionally thought out. Jim Reiser is a master coach, master teacher who has contributed incalculable measure to improving water safety and comfort for many people to date. I am confident his series will help thousands more, as well.”John Trembley
Head Men's Swimming Coach University of Tennessee
President, United Swimming Clinics
Coach of Butterfly World Record Holder

"Jim Reiser presents a unique and always enjoyable way of teaching. His style and technique of each stroke progression is both innovative and appealing to his students. He stresses fun which is essential to learning."C. Rob Orr
Coach of Swimming - Princeton University

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