Clarion® Pool Safety Sign - "No Long Breath Holding"

Clarion® Pool Safety Sign - "No Long Breath Holding"


Item #: WSS2106-01a-e
Price: $98.80

Product Description

Introducing the Clarion® Pool Safety Sign System. Developed by leading experts in safety standards, signage and aquatics. They are designed with clear graphical symbols to draw attention to core safety messages. It is the ONLY sign system on the market with proven comprehension testing credentials. Complies with the latest standards to fulfill your legal "duty to warn". It is as easy as 1-2-3 to build your Clarion Pool Safety System:

  1. Choose Warnings
    Select 3 or 4 warning message symbols
  2. Select Indoor or Outdoor
    • Indoor for non-glare textured material
    • Outdoor for weather-durable material
  3. Fully Inform
    Match the same 4 core warning message symbols to display at the pool entrance to comply with best practice standards.
Outdoor - White PVC with Weathertuff ™ Gloss overlaminate
Indoor - Rigid white PVC textured vinyl overlaminate
23" x 23"

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