Foundations of Teaching 3rd Edition

Foundations of Teaching 3rd Edition

COMING SOON! Swim Lessons University’s 3rd Edition of “The Foundation of Teaching” is now in the editing stage of the production process. This video is a required update for all Swim Lessons University affiliated programs. Save 20% now while you can! Once the video is off the press, all pre-sale videos will ship immediately and the regular price of $75 will go into effect on purchases thereafter. A new Certification Exam will also be required for all SLU certified instructors.

Item #: Foundations-of-Teaching-3ed
Price: $75.00
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Product Description

The 3rd Edition of “The Foundations of Teaching” course will not only feature new topics and techniques, but also new spectacular above and underwater footage. In the brand new course--SLU Executive Director Jim Reiser will share with you proven teaching principles and techniques that you can implement right away making your learn-to-swim classes even more effective!
You and or your staff will learn:

  • The Stages of Learning and their teaching implications
  • How to get your students attention causing them to hang on your every word
  • How to make complex skills easy to learn and understand
  • How to increase your students' self-confidence through the Progression Principle
  • The importance of Start Signals
  • How to maximize Practice time
  • How to make Demonstrations more effective
  • Best practices and forms of Feedback
Simply put, this brand new course will be one the best Swim Instructor Education courses you will ever take! Order yours today!

"Coach Jim Reiser has put together a sound, easy to follow, learn-to-swim progression that is fun and effective. I recommend this teaching tool without reservation."

Richard Quick
Stanford Women's Swimming Coach
2000 Head USA Women's Olympic Coach

"I watched this video with my 7-year old granddaughter who said, 'It's cool! I want to try that!' And she did. Jim has put together a very informative and creative video. I enjoy any chance to get new ideas or ways to explain things!"

Johnny Johnson
President, National Swim School Association

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