Lesson Plan Parent and Me 101 - PDF Version

Lesson Plan Parent and Me 101 - PDF Version

Download your own copy of the Parent and Me Lesson Plan and make unlimited copies.

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Product Description

This Lesson Plan is for the Parent & Me 101 instructional video.

You can now have at your fingertips the actual lesson plan used by "The Swim Professor himself!" The exact exercises, instructions, cues, and progressions he uses every day for every class he teaches!

You will love the detail, and appreciate how practical and easy these lessons are to use! Best of all, you get the lesson plan that Professor Reiser has been developing over the past 25 years, not something that was whipped up the night before class. These lessons have been tested, tried, and proven over and over again!

Take advantage of this opportunity now, once The Swim Lessons Company gets its' franchise license, they will no longer be available without franchising fees.

“I was recently hired as the new aquatic director for the Central Florida YMCA, where I was brought in to revitalize the learn-to-swim program. The timing of receiving Professor Reiser’s new “Parent & Me 101” video could not have been better. It is engaging and dynamic, and it’s making training my teaching staff easier. That’s why they call him “The Swim Professor.” And the former coach shows you exactly how to do it! As an ASCA Level 5 coach and former Division 1A collegiate swimmer myself, I have an extensive background in swimming. But now I have an 18-month old daughter and I am in charge of swim lessons. Teaching babies and toddlers is a whole new ballgame. My daughter Aubrey and our students have already benefited. I am fired up, and I promise that you'll be fired up too after you see this amazing video!”Curt Klausner
Central Florida YMCA Aquatic Director
ASCA Level 5 Swim Coach
Former Division 1-A Collegiate Swimmer
Proud Parent

"The lessons taught in this DVD are practical and effective teaching tools that can be implemented by parents of babies

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