Parent & Tot, DVD

Parent & Tot, DVD

A Comprehensive Video Course for Teaching Toddlers to Swim

Item #: Parent-And-Tot
Price: $75.00

Product Description

Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes to be considered an EXPERT “Parent & Tot” Instructor? Can you imagine what it will feel like to be the instructor all the parents want for their child? You can start picturing it now… because upon completion of The Swim Lessons University’s new “Parent & Tot” instructor video course—you will have all the tools you need to be that amazing instructor!

Featuring one-hour and forty-one minutes of the most in-depth, cutting edge techniques, this expanded and updated video course is designed to separate you from the rest. Parents will absolutely love your gentle, child-focused, yet progressive approach to teaching their toddler to swim. The songs, activities, and skill progressions will not only encourage skill acquisition, they will also develop a lifelong love of the water in every toddler you teach.

Your “Parent & Tot” lessons have been tested, tried, and proven. The lessons plans promote natural skill progressions (not forceful ones) and will encourage your young students to learn the following:

  • Water Acclimation
  • Flutter Kick
  • Breath Control
  • Back Kicking Introduction
  • Breath Holding
  • Basic Surface Swimming Progression
  • Pop-up Breath
  • Safety Skill #1 (children learn how to turn around from a seated entry and reach for the wall)
  • Safety Skill #2 (children learn how to swim a U-Turn back to the side of the pool after entering from a standing position and leveling off)

Last but not least, upon completion of this comprehensive video course, you will be ready to take your Swim Lessons University “Parent & Tot” Instructor exam AND earn your certification! Are you ready to dive in? Order your DVD or online video course today!

"Jim Reiser has produced some of the most interesting and innovative techniques I have ever witnessed for teaching preschoolers. His methods will cause children to look forward to their swimming lessons rather than fear them. Because his methods stress fun as well as skill mastery, they will signal a lifelong love affair with the water for your young swimmers." Ernest M. Maglischo
Legendary Collegiate Coach
Author of Swimming Fastest

"It's refreshing to see teachers out there who truly care not only about the quality of their teaching, but more importantly prioritizing the happiness and well being of their students throughout the learning process. Your use of songs/games and positive reinforcement is most refreshing, as opposed to exploiting parents with guilt bearing fear tactics and imposing forceful back float or submersion methods on the children. Thanks for stepping up to the plate for happy swimmers!"Rob McKay
Author, Learn to Swim
Boca Raton, Florida

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