SLU Instructor Training DVD and Lesson Plan Bundle

SLU Instructor Training DVD and Lesson Plan Bundle

Are you ready to become a licensed Swim Lessons University Instructor-Trainer? The following DVD & Lesson Plan Bundle will provide you with all the training materials you need to train your staff!

Item #: SLU-Instructor-Training-Lesson-Bundle
Price: $520.00

Product Description

THE PERFECT PACKAGE for Instructor-Trainers!

In this package, you get ALL SEVEN Swim Lessons University Instructor DVD courses (8 DVDs) and ALL SEVEN (7) Lesson Plans! You will also receive UNLIMITED access to each lesson plan (a savings of $75!)! This bundle includes the following:

  1. Foundations of Teaching
  2. Parent & Tot
  3. Swim 101
  4. Swim 102/103
  5. Swim Strokes 201/202/203
  6. Advanced Swim Strokes 301/302/303 (Breaststroke and Butterfly video courses)
  7. Lifesaving Strokes 401/402/403
  1. From Tears to Cheers
  2. Teaching Group Lessons to Beginners
  3. After showing your staff the Swim Lessons University courses in which you want them to teach, you simply send them to our Instructor Tools page so they can take their certification exam. Each certification exam is just $10.00. Upon successful completion, you instructor candidates will receive their certification electronically so they can save it to their computer and print it out immediately!

    * Please note: All Instructor-Trainers must be licensed by Swim Lessons University and submit an annual agreement (no annual fee) to the Swim Lessons University corporate office. Instructors are only permitted to teach the courses in which they are certified.

    Get started today!

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