SLU Online Registration Program

SLU Online Registration Program


Item #: Online-Registration-Program
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Product Description

Have you ever thought about offering online registration for your swim lessons program but you didn’t know where to turn?

Have you ever thought about how much time and money online registration could save you but you weren’t sure how?

If you answered yes to either or both of those questions, we want to offer you a FREE CONSULTATION now! We will show you:

  1. How easy it makes registering for your customers
  2. How easy it makes setting up your program’s class schedules
  3. How you save countless hours on registration calls (save time = save $$$)

Swim Lessons University is proud to announce that we have teamed up with Business Focused Internet Systems (BFIS) to bring you this fabulous online registration service called Time2SignUp. The program has been tested, tried and proven and was programmed specifically for the SLU class format. The Swim Lessons Company, our SLU Living Laboratory in Columbia, South Carolina, has been using Time2SignUp since 1999.

Here’s what SLU Executive Director, Jim Reiser, had to say:

“You will absolutely fall in love with this program. As the father of three young boys, a coach, and the owner of two businesses, I love it because it’s so efficient and easy to use. I can literally set up hundreds of classes in a matter of minutes (mistake-free), schedule instructors, and communicate with my client list in a “single click.” Since adapting Time2SignUp in 1999, over 70% of our customers register online too--and that means a better bottom line for you! That’s not all either, because our customers do so much more than just pay and register. They agree to a checklist of registration policies, they electronically sign a liability release, and they make their payment in advance (no more chasing customers for their tuition)! I also have to give credit where credit is due: BFIS gives you unparalleled technical support and customer service.”

So what are you waiting for? Call today and I will get you set up with a FREE CONSULTATION with Gene Gessert, the general manager of BFIS. No obligations! Do yourself a favor and take advantage of this personal tutorial. We want you to see what an awesome, cost effective program you could soon have working for you too!

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