Swim 101, 2nd edition, DVD

Swim 101, 2nd edition, DVD

This updated course is required for all authorized Swim Lessons University instructors and organizations.Order the 2nd Edition of the Swim 101, a comprehensive video course for teaching young children to swim.

Item #: SWIM-101-2ED-DVD
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Product Description

Have you ever thought to yourself?

  1. “Do I have what it takes to be an amazing swimming instructor?”
  2. “Boy do I wish all my students would just listen and paid attention.”
  3. “I wonder if there are some tricks that I could learn that would allow me to be a successful teacher on a daily basis.”

If you have had these thoughts, you are not alone. In fact, in this comprehensive Swim 101 video course for teaching young children how to swim, you will find solutions that are going to help you take your teaching to a level you didn’t even think was possible!

Featuring 90 minutes of the most in-depth, cutting edge techniques, this expanded and updated video course is designed to separate you from the rest. Parents will absolutely love your child-focused, yet progressive approach to teaching their child to swim.

The activities in Swim 101 make learning fun, and skill progressions will not only encourage skill acquisition, they will also develop a lifelong love of the water. Your “Swim 101” lessons have been tested, tried, and proven. The lessons plans are designed so that your students learn to swim through practical skill progressions, and if you follow them, they all but guarantee that you will have amazing success while teaching the following skills:

  • Water Acclimation
  • Flutter Kick
  • Breath Control
  • Breath Holding
  • Back Kicking Introduction
  • In-line Kick
  • Surface Swim with Pop-up Style Breathing

"SLU Executive Director Jim Reiser runs Swim Lessons University in an outstanding manner. He shows the children respect in the swimming process. He creates happiness not fear in the pool. Jim has a strong focus on security!"Terje Stakset
Norwegian Lifesaving Society
2006 Virginia Hunt Newman Award Winner

"Jim Reiser has put together a sound, easy-to-follow, learn-to-swim progression that is fun and effective. I recommend this teaching tool without reservation for all parents that love their children and want them to be safer in and around the water."Richard Quick
Former USA Olympic Swim Team Head Coach and Head Coach at Auburn University

"Jim Reiser has produced some of the most interesting and innovative techniques I have ever witnessed for teaching preschoolers. His methods will cause children to look forward to their swimming lessons rather than fear them. Because his methods stress fun as well as skill mastery, they will signal a lifelong love affair with the water for your young swimmers."Ernest M. Maglischo
Legendary Collegiate Coach
Author of Swimming Fastest

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