Swim Strokes 201/202/203 Video

Swim Strokes 201/202/203 Video

How to teach freestyle and backstroke to kids ages 3 to 12

Item #: SWIM-STROKES-201
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Swim Strokes 201/202/203, Online Video PLUS Exam and Swim Instructor Certification
Watch the Swim 201 video online (up to 5 views) then successfully complete this online test and you will immediately receive a Certificate of Completion signed by Swim Lessons University president Jim Reiser and WABC president Steve Graves.
Price: $45.00
Swim Strokes 201/202/203, DVD
Order the Swim Strokes 201 DVD today for your video library. You can order the online test separately (under Instructor Tools)for just $10.00 and you will immediately receive a Certificate of Completion signed by Swim Lessons University president Jim Reiser and WABC president Steve Graves.
Price: $50.00

Product Description

In this video, The Swim Professor will do so much more than show you how to teach freestyle and backstroke. In fact, if you already have "Swim 101," you will get to see Professor Reiser pick up right where he left off with the same students!

That's right! Do you remember Jeb, McKenzie, and Laurina from Swim 101? Well they are back. In Swim Strokes 201, you will get to witness their progress as they have gone from being scared to put their face in the water to learning freestyle and backstroke!

Sixty minutes of video loaded with secrets that you've never heard before! Not only will you get in on a more effective, developmentally sound way to do it--you will learn how to teach in a practical manner, yet be dynamic and engaging!

In this brand new video, you will witness the students refining their freestyle kick, breath control, back kick, and in-line kick. You will also see them learning backstroke and freestyle with side breathing! Not to mention the progressions, drills, and teaching tips included throughout this amazing video!

The "Swim Professor" reveals everything — and yet he makes it so easy for you. But most importantly--he makes learning to swim incredibly enjoyable for the kids!

"Your Swim Lessons University teacher training system has very much changed the way I teach little ones. The swim school is a new venture as previously most of our business was in stroke improvement for Triathletes so I was a little worried about teaching the kids, hence the purchase of your video. The one thing that stood out for me on the video was that the children should be upset because they don't want the lessons to end, not because their parents make them have swimming lessons. I now have parents saying their children can't wait for the next lesson which is really great to hear and also great for business, so win, win. Thanks again, Jim, and I'm looking forward already to your next one!"Glen Walker
Slipperly Fish Swim Clinics, United Kingdom

"Coach Reiser has produced a superb learn-to-swim video. Young children will be introduced to swimming in a way that will make the sport both safe and fun."Phillip Whitten
Editor in Chief - Swimming World Magazine

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