Swim Strokes 201/202/203 Exam and Swim Instructor Certification

Swim Strokes 201/202/203 Exam and Swim Instructor Certification

After you watch the Swim Strokes 201/202/203 DVD, successfully complete this online test and you will immediately receive this beautiful Certificate of Completion signed by Swim Lessons University president Jim Reiser and WABC president Steve Graves.

Price: $10.00

Product Description

Swim Lessons University and WABC have partnered to bring you and your staff convenient, affordable training for Swimming Instructors. After you go through the Swim Lessons University “201/202/203” DVD course, you are ready to take our affordable online test. It’s as Easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Upon purchasing your test and checking out, you will receive a email with the link to the online test and a password.
  2. Log in and take the test. Are you worried that you’re not a good test taker? Check this out! If you answer any question incorrectly, you will be prompted to chose another answer until you get it correct! Once you have answered each question correctly, your score is 100% for the records!
  3. Your brand new Certificate of Completion will immediately appear endorsed by Swim Lessons University and the WABC! Print and frame!

Please note: If you’re a swim school owner and you purchase multiple tests for your teachers, you will receive the link and passwords for each test you purchase. Simply “copy and paste” the link and passwords and forward them to your instructors to take the test. It’s that easy!

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