Swimming Instructor-Trainer Manual

Swimming Instructor-Trainer Manual


Item #: Swim-Instructor-and-Trainer-Manual

Product Description

Would you like to get an inside look at why Swim Lessons University is one of the fastest growing LTS curriculums and swim instructor training programs in the world? Get your SLU Instructor-Trainer manual today and find out!

In this manual, you can learn:

  • How to administer the SLU course at your facility
  • How practical and convenient it is to get your staff certified
  • How the certification process is so cost-effective
  • How to conduct training sessions and practicums
  • How to organize your levels for safety
  • How to organize your levels so they are both age and skill appropriate
  • How to earn your Learn-to-Swim Professional license
  • And much more!

Swim Lessons University gives you franchise-like support and support materials for a fraction of the price. Who will you be joining if you choose to adopt the Swim Lessons University program? Here was the current list of authorized SLU providers as of January 1, 2013:

Rapid City Recreation, South Dakota, Charleston Country Schools-Charleston, SC, City of Shelton Recreation, Connecticut, El Dorado Hills Recreation, California, City of Mt. Sterling, Kentucky, City of Sparks, Nevada, Helper City, Utah, City of Columbus, Nebraska, City of Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, City of San Carlos, California, City of Manhattan Beach, California, City of Natchitoches, Louisiana, City of Manitou Springs, Fox Valley YMCA, Springfield YMCA, Sarasota YMCA, Southern Alabama University, Surburban Seahawks, Newton Square, PA, I Swim U., Safety Before Skill Swim School, AZ, Montana Swim School, Orlando Metro Gymnastics & Swim School, Orlando, FL, Swim Kids, FL, Sparkling Pool Services, NJ, NY & PA.

What’s holding you back ? You can be on this list too! See the benefits of joining us and order your SLU Instructor-Trainer manual today! We can’t wait to hear from you!

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